Service Times

Sunday 8:00 AM

 This early Eucharist is a simple celebration of the Mass of the day with a homily and no music. It is offered to provide an alternative time for worship for the benefit of those who must work on Sundays or whose life-style is such that they prefer an early start to the day. The congregation is small and there is an intimate feel to it. Usually this celebration takes place in the small chapel in the parish hall. 

Sunday 11:00 AM

 The sung Eucharist is the principal service of the day. The congregation which gathers at this hour includes all ages from infants to seniors. Music is generally the sort that an ordinary congregation can sing, but it includes everything from plainsong psalms to revival hymns. Music, in fact, is drawn from a variety of sources - the Hymnal 1982, Lift Every Voice, Hymns Ancient and Modern, Songs for Renewal. There is a strong emphasis on hearing and proclaiming the Word of God which can be described as “evangelical”. The Sacraments are celebrated with the richness of catholic devotion. The atmosphere in the congregation is usually welcoming and joyous. 

Sunday 5:00 PM

 For a long time the congregation had looked for a way to share our joy of worship with the wider community, particularly those who for years had been coming to the community breakfast. The Eucharist seems to invite people to enter in more deeply than many are ready to do - to take them from where they are not yet to where they are not sure they want to be. In response we began an evening service. It is Evensong from the Book of Common Prayer with psalms, one scripture reading, the “Magnificat” and prayers. A short teaching homily is offered each week. Music - mostly a capella - is drawn from a variety of sources. Everything is done to make the new-comer feel welcome, comfortable, and valued. This has grown into the largest congregation of the day, and includes baptized members of St Paul’s and a host of people from the surrounding neighborhood. Because the service is followed by a community supper, it draws many who are poor and homeless. The evening service has been nicknamed “Soup & Song”. 

Occasional Offices

 Marriages, Funerals, Baptisms, Private Confession and Visitation of the Sick are arranged with the office. Please see the contact us or call the office.


No upcoming events.